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Supporting our students – Post-Secondary advisors hired across the province

March 2, 2021

March 9, 2021

A new initiative began this year with the hiring of Post-Secondary advisors for our communities across the province. One of the gaps that our community Education Directors noticed over the years was the need to have someone dedicated to supporting our students after they leave high school. Although most Post-Secondary institutions have Indigenous Student Advisors, the directors realized that not all students are aware of or take advantage of these services. In order to fill that gap, community based Post-Secondary advisors were hired to offer extra support.

The role of the advisors will vary based on community need, but the key responsibility for all will be to support all students who continue their education after high school, regardless of where they choose to go.

The first meeting of the new advisors took place this month. The purpose was to introduce them to each other and discuss some of the things they will be doing. They also had the opportunity to discuss the common things that they need to know such as:

  • How to support their students (academically and mental health etc)
  • Available scholarships for students
  • Who to contact at each university and NSCC for the extra support
  • What resources are available (elders in residence, etc) and how they can find those people

During this meeting, all of their email addresses were collected and they will be added to a shared google classroom that will allow them the opportunity to network with each other virtually.

There are plans to host a second meeting in the spring to discuss any issues they are facing so far in order to offer the support they need so that they are able to better support our students.