Our mission...

As the collective voice for Mi’kmaq education, the primary MK mission is to actively promote excellence in Mi’kmaq education, interests and rights for our communities and to facilitate the development of lifelong learning by:

  • Engaging every community, learner and teacher to live their dreams, including the power to broaden the meaning of education and supporting dreams that are achievable for each student to the extent of their possibilities, interests and capabilities.
  • To respond to the needs of Mi’kmaq communities and students in attaining an education enabling them to be the best they can be at every stage of their educational journey.

Who we are...

We are a unified team of chiefs, staff, parents and educators who advocate on behalf of and represent the educational interests of our communities, and we protect the educational and Mi’kmaw language rights of the Mi’kmaq people.

Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey (MK) continues to work on improving the quality of education for our people, while remaining vigilant in maintaining and revitalizing our Mi’kmaq language.

Armed with the inspiration from our youth, and the guidance and leadership from our Board of Directors, education directors, schools, staff, and partnerships, MK has forged ahead, exploring new opportunities for academic excellence, and re-visiting and enhancing existing operations and programs.

Recent Achievements...

High school graduation rates among First Nation students in Nova Scotia were nearly 94%

Numeracy and literacy rates in elementary and secondary schools increased

83% of First Nation students are educated in MK schools

More than 600 First Nation students were enrolled in post secondary institutions

We have a 91% average attendance rate at MK schools

Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk

Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk continues to provide technology-related resources and excellence in service to Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey and Atlantic Canada First Nation schools. Some highlights include:

  • Fibre optics connectivity
  • Safe Internet feeds
  • Reliable video conferencing networks
  • More youth employment opportunities

More highlights!

Mi’kmaq language and immersion efforts have seen the creation of a stand-alone immersion school in Eskasoni for students up to grade 4.

Our initiatives such as the Mentor Apprentice program and Junior Mentor Apprentice program have been successful in promoting the use of the language in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Wagmatcook school now also offers immersion classes for their K-4 students through grade 2.

The MK Student Information System (MK SIS) can now efficiently monitor strategies and goals for schools and create accurate educational support statistics such as graduation, attendance and retention rates.

Mi’kmaw language support is offered through online and in-person classes to communities without many fluent speakers.

A new school has been built in Pictou Landing First Nation!

Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey continuously strives for academic excellence in its students and communities, and continues to make great strides in its efforts to empower youth, and in turn, empower the Mi’kmaw nation.