ILC Recipients, Projects, & Activities

Sipekne’katik First Nation

Funding Year:  


-virtual and in person Mi'kmaw language classes

-Elder developed culturally appropriate mental health services to students and staff based on aboriginal values, beliefs and traditions with holistic healing

-Shubie FM tech on air sharing Mi’kmaq Language content including Elder stories of history and community. Taught students the different aspects of the radio station

-Land based activities that include elder’s teaching traditional Mi’kmaq cultural, language and traditions. Sweetgrass picking, sweat lodge, traditional medicines on the cultural trail. Outdoor Black Ash harvesting and making strips for baskets from the tree. Christmas Wreaths with elders.  River bass/eel fishing. Tree tapping for maple syrup

-Cultural workshops for community members, including quill boxes, quill medallions, beading, ribbon skirts, wampum belts, earring kits.

-Hosted cultural education sessions on the Sipekne’katik River sharing Mi’kmaq Knowledge, Language and History by elders and knowledge keepers.