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Eskasoni Language Revitalization through Oral Traditions: Kji-Wikuom Studios Audio and Digitization of Cultural Material

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-Four people from the community of Eskasoni guided the project and ensured that the project ran smoothly. Six meetings were held to discuss the development of the studio, purchasing of equipment, terms of reference for the meetings which included content development and language promotion guidelines for the studio.
-Transcribing the MICMAC Grammar by Rev Silas T Rand. The original pocket book that was written by Silas T Rand was written in 1875 and it was written in an orthography that he had created. The main or exclusive writing system that is used by the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia is the Francis Smith orthography . The Main objective of this activity is to create Rands Micmac Grammar Booklet into the Francis Smith orthography. Two volumes were printed, the Rands writing system and the other will be the Francis Smith orthography.
-4 Band staff were trained to operate and maintain the equipment at the Sarah Denny Cultural Centre and support live feed and content screening events
-Addresses by Chief Leroy Denny to the community took place as well as local fundraising events. Allison Audio was involved in training and set up of events. This training will continue in different segments moving forward.
-1 website was developed along with website content including project highlights, event schedules and Mi’kmaq language content