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December 2021 School and Community News - Paqtnkek

December 17, 2021

Danielle Gloade, Principal, submitted a story and some great photos to us highlighting all of the wonderful work Paqtnkek students have done this past month!

"I want to start by acknowledging and extending my condolences to the families, friends, and community members on the loss of a dear loved one, Alicia (Lisha) Julian. I have had the privilege of hearing many beautiful stories about this incredible woman. One story, in particular, stands out to me, her ability to give selflessly. How she was always supportive of the families grieving and ensured the food kept coming into the wake. In honour of who she was, we have brought her traditional teachings of wakes into our classrooms. Students are making sandwiches and baking cookies for the wake. The teachers are helping the students to understand the importance of community and the role each of us plays when a loved one passes away and how we honour and celebrate their life. This vital teaching will live on in our school because of Lisha's Legacy. Our school seeks to be as culturally responsive as possible. Our curriculum and indigenous ways of knowing also support this important learning in the classrooms. 

Paqtnkek Education Centre incorporated the 7 grandfather teachings into monthly virtues. Each month a focus is on one of the virtues. Students learn about the grandfather teacher and are shown and learn, explore how to use the virtue. Example Courage. It is courage to be a good friend. To talk to someone who is by themselves. 

Primary/One Teachings Virtues Winner of the month. Courage
Serena Basque
Two/Three Teachings Virtues Winner of the month. Courage.                     Jace Francis Paulette
Physical Education/Outdoor Education Teachings Virtue Winners of the month, Courage. Charlie Gould

Nourish Canada has sponsored our pilot project at PEC “Cooking at home with my family.” Using the Nourish recipes.  Bi-weekly tool kits where delivered to families of students who attend Paqtnkek Education Centre. Staff drop off the kits to the homes. We also include cooking tools. Such as frying pans and spatulas, measuring cups and a desert with each meal. See below for some picture from the community. 

Paqtnkek Education Centre realizes the importance of Outdoor Ed and staying active. We love getting outdoors as often as we can!