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December 2021 School and Community News - Sipekne'katik

December 17, 2021

Congratulations to Makayla McDonald in grade two for winning the MK Christmas Card contest.  Makayla received an iPad and stylus pen for her beautiful snowman picture.  Congratulations Makayla from Mr. Schussler and classmates. Makayla takes after her dad, Colin, who is also an artist for us here at LSK.  (photo attached)

The grade seven class had an opportunity to participate in a toboggan building workshop.  Three representatives from the Maritime Museum and Mount Saint Vincent University showed the students how to build two oak toboggans.  Thank you to Eamonn Doorly, Erika Hilchey, Charlotte Fillmore, Derrick Nevin and Therin Nevin.  Many awesome stories and history were shared. (photo attached)

Special thank you to the Christmas concert committee for organizing our virtual Christmas concert.  The team did a wonderful job.  Students in grades Primary to six participated in the concert, which featured a Mi'kmaq song and an English song.  The media students and their teacher, Adam Sweeney, were responsible for recording the sessions.  They are also going to work on the editing so it can be posted on YouTube for everyone in the community to enjoy.  In addition, the Tech. Ed. staff made the wooden Christmas trees, which will eventually be decorated by grades Primary to six, and placed on our LSK float.  Thank you to Ms. Tania Gould and Ms. Elle Michael for their Mi'kmaw teachings and decorations.  Thank you to the classroom teachers for filling in for the music teacher.  Thank you to Mr. GR Walters and Mr. Roddie Gould for creating the wooden trees.

Finally, we were able to host the Scholastic Book Fair.  We followed all Covid protocols to ensure that our students were safe while shopping.  We made over $2,400 dollars.