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January 26, 2023

Mi'kmaw Language

A set of baby books were written and translated by our MK Advisory team. These stories include topics such as animals, colours, weather and family. They will be given to K4 classrooms and Day cares. We are so excited to share these beautiful books with our communities!

The team hosted one of their quarterly Mi'kmaw Language Teachers Networking day on Saturday, January 28th, at ABMHS in Eskasoni.  This day was dedicated to Wellness and after an opening prayer, they listened to a recording of Rita Gould guiding us in L'nu on meditation.  The script was written by Rebecca Scirocco and translated by Beverly Jeddore, Alwyn Jeddore and Yolanda Denny. The participants were willing to be involved in something that they can use back at their own schools.  This activity gave them a chance to be in the moment and forget about everything else, to breathe deeply and relax.  There were no negative comments, only appreciation for being able to meditate with L'nu guidance.

The next session was an overview of "Health and Wellness Daily Organizer" which is a book that the teachers can use for themselves to keep in check on ways that they can create personal goals to achieve health and wellness.  This also was well received and the teachers gave positive feedback, including ways that they can include their classes in daily health and wellness activities.  After lunch was craft time and the teachers made their own medicine bundles, something that was simple and easy for them to be able to do in their own classrooms.  The last hour of the day involved a discussion led by Michelle Marshall-Johnson on addressing language gaps that the teachers were willing to share.  

Our next Networking Day is Saturday, February 18, and will be held at the Sarah Denny Memorial Cultural Center in Eskasoni.

Early Childhood Education

Our ECE department has been doing Elder Engagements in our MK Communities. Elder, Sarah MacDonald, from Annapolis Valley First Nation visited the Three Wishes Day Care in January.  The photo below is her playing bingo with the children.

Elementary Mathematics

January has been very busy month for Kyla Bernard our Elementary Mathematics Consultant. She worked with teachers in Grades 1 at EEMS and Grades 1 & 2 at LSK so that they are able to carry out the assessment with their students.

Some teachers and students began using IXL math with their students in the classrooms over the past few months. IXL Math is a personalized learning platform that helps to improve student learning outcomes. It helps students master essential skills at their own pace through interactive questions and motivating awards. Since December the MK students that are on IXL have answered a total of 9622 questions, and practiced many different skills.