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MK Elementary Track meet 2024

June 24, 2024

We hosted the MK Elementary track meet at the end of May. It was great to see all the students out competing and trying their best! The results for the Special Olympic, Atom and Peewee events can be found below!

Atom Girls Long Jump

1. Kristine Marshall, Potlotek
2. Shiah Francis, Eskasoni
3. Kylnee Doucette, LSK

Atoms Girls Softball throw

1. Kristine Marshall, Potlotek
2. Hayley Paul, Eskasoni
3. Brooklyn Paul, Eskasoni

Atoms Girls 60 Meter

1. Grace Johnson, Eskasoni
2. Kristine Marshall, Potlotek
3. Makayla MacDonald, LSK

Atoms Girls 100 Meter

1. Spencer Denny, Eskasoni
2. Alexis Enriquez, Pictou
3. Kristine Marshall, Potlotek

Atom Girls 4x100 relay race

Shiah Francis
Spencer Denny
Hayley Paul
Grace Johnson

2. We’koqmaq
Jerrica Basque
Carly Bernard
Cherish Dennis
Amelia Stevens

3. Wagmatcook
Violet Isadore
Carlynn GooGoo
Hannah Timmons
Cherilyn Bernard

Atom Boys Long Jump

1. Dallas Mellen, Potlotek
2. Alfred Lewis, Eskasoni
3. Harley Peck, Wagmatcook

Atom Boys Softball throw

1. Bryden Poulette, We’koqmaq
2. Harley Peck, Wagmatcook
3. Bentley Poulette, We’koqmaq

Atoms Boy 60 meter

1. Richard Polchies, Potlotek
2. Harley Peck, Wagmatcook
3. Alfred Lewis, Eskasoni

Atoms Boys 100 Meter

1. Dallas Mellen, Potlotek
2. Richard Polchies, Potlotek
3. Jack Fraser, Pictou

Atoms Boys 4x100 Relay

Jase Richard
Richard Polchies
Lincoln Sylliboy
Dallas Mellen

Drew Francis
Drayson Copage
Jack Fraser
Zander Bernard

Frank Pierro
Bentley Poulette
Bryden Poulette

Peewee Girls Long Jump

1. Ceanna Brook, LSK
2. Teanna Paul, We’koqmaq
3. Emily Rudderham, Eskasoni

Peewee Girls Softball throw

1. Teanna Paul, We’koqmaq
2. Carley Paul, Eskasoni
3. Sienna Marshall, Potlotek

Peewee Girls 60 Meter

1. Teanna Paul, We’koqmaq
2. Leah Enrique, Pictou
3. Abby Mellen, Potlotek

Peewee Girls 100 Meter

1. Teanna Paul, We’koqmaq
2. Leah Enrique, Pictou
3. Abby Bernard, Wagmatcook

Peewee Girls 4x100 relay

Abby Mellen
Siobhan Marshall


Abby Bernard
Makiyah Simon

Peewee Boys Long Jump

1. Scott Pierro, We’koqmaq
2. Linden Lafford, Potlotek
3. Brady Price, Wagmatcook

Peewee Boys Softball throw

1. Taven Poulette, Eskasoni
2. Linden Lafford, Eskasoni
3. Chase Condo, We’koqmaq

Peewee Boys 60 Meter

1. Lindon Lafford, Potlotek
2. Madius Julian, LSK
3. Zander Bernard, Pictou

Peewee Boys 100 Meter

1. Taven Poulette, Eskasoni
2. Lindon Lafford, Potlotek
3. Zander Bernard, Pictou

Peewee Boys 4x100 relay

1. Potlotek
Jase Richard

2. Eskasoni

Justin Paul
Taven Poulette
Joah Stevens

3. Wagmatcook
Brady Price
Korbin Peck
Harley Peck
Adam Francis

Special Olympians 60 Meter Sprint
Kolton Marshall Eskasoni
Gary Christmas Membertou
Zander GooGoo We’koqmaq
Hector GooGoo Eskasoni
Chasin Christmas Membertou
Leonard Clair Eskasoni
Special Olympians Softball throw
Kolton Marshall, Eskasoni
Gary Christmas, Membertou
Zander GooGoo, We’koqmaq
Hector GooGoo, Eskasoni
Chasin Christmas, Membertou
Leonard Clair, Eskasoni
Terrance Poulette, Eskasoni