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November School and Community News - Pictou Landing

December 1, 2021

Grade 5 students from Pictou Landing took part in a basket-making workshop as part of the Outdoor Cultural Classroom program this month. The program which was developed by Rebecca Scirocco, Wellness Consultant, is designed to encourage land-based learning and allow children to rekindle their natural connection to nature.

The students in Pictou Landing began the session by going outside to smudge. Because of the rain and wind that day, the students were unable to stay outside for the basket making session so they returned to their classroom.

Before they started the project, Virick Francis spoke to them about the type of wood that is used and where it can be found. He also explained the process of making basket strips and the tools that are used.

The students had many questions for Virick about basket making and were very engaged during the entire workshop. The basket making process was challenging for the students but they were dedicated to completing the project and as you can see, they turned out great!