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November School and Community News - Sipekne'katik

December 2, 2021

LSK school in Sipekne'katik held a Remembrance Day poster contest. Congratulations to the winners!

Grades Primary to three:
1st Place – Alicia Peter-Paul (grade one)
2nd Place – Treyson Knockwood (grade one)
3rd Place – Enzly Augustine (grade two)

Grades four to six:
1st Place – Kaleirah Sack (grade six)
2nd Place – Treasure McDonald (grade six)
3rd Place – Isabella Francis (grade six)

Unique Category:
1st Place – Darren (Cheeks) Peter-Paul (primary)
2nd Place – Reignn Stephens (primary)
3rd Place – Zayden Bernard (primary)

Junior High:
1st Place (tied) – Fiercen White (grade seven) and Cruz Julian (grade seven)
2nd Place – Jakeira Maloney (grade nine)
3rd Place – Kayli Raye Marr (grade nine)

Senior High:
1st Place – Jacobi Lynn Marr (grade twelve)
2nd Place – Prezley Paul (grade twelve)
3rd Place – Serenity Julian (grade twelve)