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P-Tech Summer Programming

October 4, 2021

The very first cohort of P-Tech students completed their COMMS 1700 Summer Program this August. They worked hard for a solid 4 days and were so pleasant, engaging, insightful and dedicated to completion. These students are entering grade 11 and are from Eskasoni, Wagmatcook, and We'koqma'q High Schools.

"We had such a great week with this amazing group of young people," said Wanda Jerrett Compton, P-Tech Project Manager. "We can't wait to see where they go next!"

The program took place at ABMHS in Eskasoni and was provided with support and guest speakers from IBM, NSCC and MK teams. Parents had the opportunity to have lunch with the students and listen to what opportunities lie ahead.

Education Navigator, Donnie Boyd, has been working hard to make the program work so we would like to give him a huge shout out for his course development, instruction and awesome attitude to teaching and engaging with this cohort of students.

The students really enjoyed the opportunity and learned a lot so we wanted to share some of the feedback from the students who took part in the camp

  • I really liked the fact that it was all done on computers as I am fairly proficient with computers (still learning) and know most basic knowledge on what to do to troubleshoot things and how to identify problems. Along with that the site that we were learning on was quite easy to browse although we had the one hiccup that only lasted for a few mins, what I liked most though is that we were allowed to work ahead in case we finished early and were also allowed to work online at home in case we were behind on something which is what I did on Friday morning since I missed Thursday.
    Something else I liked were the lunches and breaks as they were quite relaxing and allowing us to relax for a bit which helped with not losing motivation. This camp was pretty fun and interesting overall.
  • This camp has been very insightful on how to handle resumes, interviews, assignments and the preparation of, workplace conflict and networking/branding. This has made me less anxious about future job opportunities as I now am equipped with the knowledge to succeed.
  • I really liked this camp, I think I learned a lot during my time here. I'm glad that I learned about resumes, jobs, how to ace an interview, and much more. This will definitely help me in the near future.