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Anxiety Recovery Certification

February 1, 2024

There were over 30 educators from across MK family schools who got the opportunity to study with the co-founders of Yoga in Schools and renowned educators/therapists, Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass. It was hosted by the CBVRCE at Sherwood Park Education Centre in Sydney the weekend of January 13 and 14. With one in three teens suffering from some form of anxiety, skills for dealing with anxiety are more essential than ever. In this all levels certification training, participants learned about identifying anxiety red flags, and learned essential body/mind techniques for helping students recover a sense of peace, freedom and agency.

Some of these techniques included:

-Understanding the neuroscience of anxiety, worry, fear and panic

-Cognitive therapy for working with anxiety patterns

-Movement practices designed to regulate the nervous system

-Breathing and mindfulness practices that rewire the anxious brain

-This training also included a personal Anxiety Recovery Program that graduates can use for themselves.  

Feedback from those who participated was very positive and many educators said they had started implementing some of the strategies their first week after the training.