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Eskasoni NSCC Student Selected to take part in Indigenous learning in New Zealand

April 30, 2024

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Kwe’, my name is Nichelle Googoo. I'm from Eskasoni First Nation and I am currently 25 years old. I've graduated from ABMHS in 2016 and NSCC in 2020. I have been really focused on school lately, so it was a bit difficult to find any time to do any hobbies, though being in clinical I have a couple of days off a week and no test in my future until next school year, so gaming and reading has been my past time.

How did you hear about the exchange program and what is it called?

NSCC international has programs that they put on every year to go abroad and experience the culture and the programs are different for each area.

The one I am attending is the first on its kind for NSCC. It is only for the Lnus of NS. It is called Indigenous learning in New Zealand.

I am overly excited to be able to attend and cannot wait to travel with other indigenous from not only NS but also BC and the Maroi.  

What was the process to apply to go?

It was an application process and then the person who oversaw choosing the participants reached out for an interview process and then the wait began to receive the news.

How long will you be there for?

So, I leave on May 2nd to fly to Vancouver for a day and a half and from there we fly to Auckland NZ, and I won't be back until May 16th!

Are you going on your own or do you know any other people going with you?

I am the only one from Eskasoni though I'm not the only one from Cape Breton, and we all communicated via teams, WhatsApp and recently met in person!

What are you most excited about?

To be able to spread Mikmaw culture overseas and across our nation! Also to make new friends and relationships.

Oh, and we're going to Hobbiton.