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Indigenous Youth Skilled Trades Fair

December 1, 2021

The annual Indigenous Youth Skilled Trades Fair was held in Halifax this month. Although it looked quite a bit different this year, it was good to have the opportunity to introduce students to the trades again after taking the year off in 2020. The trades fair did not take place at all last year due to travel restrictions. This year, the number of students in attendance was limited to 35 instead of the usual 80 but it was very productive for all who attended.

On Sunday the students attended a welcome banquet and had the opportunity to talk to tradespeople at their tables. After the banquet they had cultural activities and were able to choose between painting, mini jikmaqn making, or story telling.

On Monday, all students went to the trades hall and spent the day taking part in hands-on construction trades activities. During the early evening they participated in a vision board making session followed by a movie trip.

The final day of the trades fair the students made small house kits with the people from the Trades hall. The results were great!

As always, we couldn't do this without the support of our many partners. We need to send a huge thank you to the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency, Native Council of Nova Scotia, Construction Sector Council, Skills Canada and Skills Nova Scotia.