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June 2022 Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey Department Highlights

July 4, 2022

Elementary Math

June has been very busy month of planning for the Fall and math PD planning.  This month Kyla Bernard, Elementary Math Consultant, was able to visit the students in Bear River to deliver more resources and played games with the students.  She brought some manipulatives, centers, 3D solids, butterfly counters, matching and counting games and much more!

Their favorite activity was Waltes, which we provided to all other schools as well. They got to play the game together as a group and had tons of fun!


The ECE Team (Miranda, Cindel and Daisy)  have been doing visits to the Daycare's, Head Starts and Kindergarten's in each community and delivering some resources that were purchased for their centre's. Early Childhood Educators were very happy with the visits.

Mi'kmaw Langauge and Culture

We are so proud to announce that a member of our Mi'kmaw Language and Culture team has been selected as a recipient of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal. Congratulations to Michael R Denny, Red Road Project Coordinator, who was chosen as a recipient because of his dedication to family, neighbours, colleagues and community. He is so deserving of this recognition and we are so lucky to have him as a member of our team. Congratulations!

The Mi'kmaw Language team held a networking session on Saturday June 14. Language teachers had the opportunity to come together and share best practices and learn about all of the available resources for teaching Mi'kmaw. It was a fun- filled day as always!

A group of language learners from Newfoundland, along with Dean Simon came to MK speak with Beverly Jeddore to ask about the resources she made and how they were made right here at MK. She was able to supply some cards and posters to them and they were very grateful. They have also purchased their own materials that she developed through Eastern Woodland Print Communications in Millbrook.