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May 2022 Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey Department Updates

June 2, 2022

Muskoday visits MK

The community of Muskoday from Saskatchewan joined us for a 3-day visit this month. They were interested in learning more about our organization because they are trying to establish something similar in their community. They had an opportunity to visit some of our community schools and learn about the amazing things happening here. They were also able to share their stories, traditions, culture language and dance with us. We really enjoyed hosting them and look forward to hearing about all the big things they are doing once they get back home.


The ECE team has been quite busy this month. Aside from the conference they hosted, they also held a professional development opportunity for Unakami ECE facilitated by The Union of Nova Scotia Mental Wellness Team on May 28th at MTCC. The educators learned ''Aces'' - Adverse Childhood Experiences and also learned about talking sticks and had the opportunity to make one to take back to their classrooms.  The ECE team also delivered Splashy's to all the daycares.  Splashy's are a one piece waterproof suit that goes over the children's clothing and they can play outside regardless of the weather.

Elementary Mathematics

This month, we were able to send hundred charts, 3D math kits, books, number-lines, place value mats and much more to the community of Bear River, who lost everything in a fire. More resources will be delivered for the grades P-2 in June.

Our Professional Development opportunity on May 19 "Making Math Stick" was a success with 20 MK elementary educators participating.


James and Kim will be launching a Technology Integration monthly podcast in June. This podcast will feature tech updates, best practices, guest appearances, and ways to engage and support all learners with technology.  The podcast will be shared at the end of the month and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and the Anchor mobile app. If you have any suggestions or would like to be featured in an episode please reach out to James or Kim. Stay tuned at the end of June for the first episode!


Congratulations to our first group of teachers to begin their journey towards becoming trauma-informed educators. This wonderful group of teachers dedicated their time to an online Complex Trauma course. Some of which will continue on as our MK Trauma-Informed Lead Team who will continue their training along side our wellness consultant Rebecca Scirocco and her mentor Catherine Rahey over the next school year. Also, wearing red in honor of our stolen sisters.


Rebecca was also invited to do a workshop on self-care and self-regulation for a wellness activity at LSK school in Sipekne'katik.

Mi'kmaw Language

Beverly Jeddore, our Mi'kmaw Language Technician is always available to support language teachers. Lorena Tracey from Potlotek asked for support in delivering Mi’kmaw language curriculum to her classes from K-8. They set up virtual meetings each Thursday afternoon and have begun to map out the year-plan using resources that have already been developed. They decided that their focus will be on Mi’kmaq ways of knowing and being, cultural  & special events, and Mi'kmaw language and our people. They are both very excited to see this work come together and are hoping to be able to share the documents, curriculum, and resources with all Mi'kmaw teachers in the province once it is complete.