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May 2024 Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey Department Updates

May 30, 2024

Academic Services

Student services

Student Services, in collaboration with the Mi’kmaw Language and Culture Department developed a Communication Board. We are delivering and installing the Visual Communication Boards (AAC Argumentative and Alternative  Communication) at MK Family of Schools’ Playgrounds. The boards are used to support communication, freeing hands for play. The visuals have both Mi’kmaw and English words that can be  strung together to make a sentence. Instructions for using for communication are available on the QR code on the board. We hope this helps support communication for staff and students of MK Family of Schools.

Post Secondary

It was recognized that Human Resources is an invisible job in communities and Indigenous Organizations. Many of the HR professionals are other staff that simply take on the role. With the help of the Board members from CPHRNS, and encouraging the CPHR Designation, they worked in partnership with NSCC to help develop a Cohort for these individuals to complete the HR Management Program which will help with the designation process.

This month we kicked off the 2 year program which will allow these professionals to take courses online while continuing to work in their current employment positions. We opened the program up to all MK communities and Mi'kmaw led organizations and 17 people signed up for the program. They met in person this month for a 4 day session and will continue the program on their own as combined synchronous and asynchronous learning. At the end of the program, students will have an HR diploma. We will also help them to prepare for their final exam and once it is successfully completed, they will be certified HR professionals.

Language, Culture and Sport

Phys Ed teachers from our MK schools took part in a session with Curl NS this month. They hope to have Curl NS come out to their schools introduce this activity to their students in the future. The also took time to plan the sports event calendar for the 2024/25 school year.