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Mentor Apprentice Program

November 22, 2021

We are very excited to be able to offer the Mentor Apprentice Program for another year. The Mentor-Apprentice Program is a language program that helps people to become fluent speakers. Language learners are able to set the pace of their own learning by designing a program that works for them, regardless of where they are on their language journey. They work with their mentor for a total of 400 hours in an immersion setting doing things like cooking, land -based activities, or even just conversation. The program is funded through the ILC program.

Our 15 groups gathered together for the first time during the month of November. They had the opportunity to network with the other groups of learners and were provided with resources that will help them on their language journey. They received books, flash cards and iPads that were pre-loaded with language apps. The groups will gather again at the half-way point of their program to share their successes and challenges. They will also come together at the end of the program to celebrate the completion of the 400 hours.