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NAIG 2023 Medal Reveal

January 26, 2023

The medals for the 2023 North American Indigenous Games were revealed this month at an event in Millbrook and they are absolutely beautiful!. The medal reveal took place during the M3 meeting, which is a the 3rd meeting in a series of 4 meetings leading up to NAIG. These meetings are attended by a few representatives of the Mission Staff from the participating teams from across North America and generally focus on the logistics of the event, covering everything from sporting venues, athlete lodging, health and safety planning and much more.

Everyone was very excited to attend this event, which was 6 months out from NAIG, and loved seeing the fantastic design during the medal reveal!

Because the event will take place in Mi'kma'ki, the medals are filled with Mi'kmaq symbolism:

- The 8-point star is inspired by Mi’kmaq petroglyphs that represent our territory

- A petroglyph of a star traveller representing the dreams of all the athletes and youth of NAIG

- The symbol for “L’nu,” or “The People” - the Mi’kmaq word for Indigenous people

- The Mi’kmaq double curve motif

These medals were originally designed by Ella Scothorn and refined by Mi’kmaw artist Tayla Fern Paul. For more information on the upcoming Games, or to register to become a volunteer please visit: